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Precast Lintel and Sill

Precast Lintel and Sill Krishna Cement Articles manufactures a wide range of Precast Lintel and Sill to suit windows and doors of all sizes. Our staff has experience in reading plans, and is on hand to assist you to ensure that you get the heads and sills which best match your project needs. Lintels are designed to support building above wall openings. Lintels are available either in RCC Precast concrete or in prestressed RCC concrete sections. They are available in different sizes as per requirement. Sills are used to give extra strength to the opening in the wall, especially windows. Both sills and lintels are available in different sizes but the standard available section is 9” x 4” for lintels and 20” x 4” for Sills with length range from 3 to 7 feet’s. Larger sizes and custom arched heads are also available by special order. We are leading supplier of Precast Lintel and Sill in Vadodara, Gujarat.



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